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27 February 2017 @ 09:35 pm
While talking with TV Line, Flash EP Aaron Helbing teased about the future vision Barry saw about Iris West. Details under the cut

Savitar has a plan for Barry Allen, at least according to “The Flash” executive producer Aaron Helbing. Speaking to TVLine, Helbing weighed in on whether or not Barry was sent to the future to see Iris’ death for a reason.

“I would say that Savitar has a plan,” Helbing teased. “Since Savitar was kind of tethered to the Philosopher’s Stone, he sent Barry to a time that he needed him to go to.”

Asked if the writers developed the headlines or Barry’s trip to the future first, he added, “Oh, we wanted to do this type of two-part episode since Season 1, when we first introduced Grodd in Episode 5. We ask everyone on the show, ‘What do you absolutely have to see? If you could see anything, what would it be?’ And ‘Barry against Solovar in an arena,’ that alone is a headline we were definitely going to strive for. That’s something we’ve been building towards.”

In “The Present,” Barry faced off against Savitar for what he hoped was the final time. Once he and Team Flash wrested the Philosopher’s Stone from Doctor Alchemy, he lobbed it into the Speed Force, believing that would put an end to Savitar’s reign of terror. However, the ensuing blast flung Barry into the future, where he witnessed Savitar killing Iris before his very eyes. This has shaped the back half of Season 3, which has seen Barry and his friends trying to change the future just enough to save Iris’ life.

Source: CBR